Apples to Zucchini Relay Registration

Have fun AND help Amorak Youth and your Local Food Bank!—wherever you are!

Amorak Youth offers free programs in the arts, outdoor recreation, education, community service and more to school age children in Hudson Falls and Fort Edward, NY.

The goal of the relay is to support Amorak Youth’s programs, while you bring food items to your local food pantry or soup kitchen. The food can be anything they accept, including non-food items such as toilet paper! Ask if they will take your apple or zucchini overabundance! The relay should be held anytime from September 17th to October 15th 2020 , but can be held at your convenience any time after you register.

  1. Registration fee is $15/adult, or $10 for each child under the age of 13.
  2. You must relay at least 5 items of food/goods, and the total weight must be at least 5 lbs.
  3. You will need a team of 3 – 6 participants from your “bubble” (eg: people you don’t need to be socially distant from). We do NOT suggest including people that are not part of your household or close social group that you may be at risk of catching COVID-19 from! Please be safe!
  4. You can make the run at least 1K, or your team can pick a distance. You could run, walk, roller blade, bike, push a stroller or wheel a wheelchair! Your route can start/end anywhere you want. When complete you can then deliver the food/goods to your local pantry.
  5. Each person will carry one item and pass it to the next in line, then the first person returns for the second item, etc. Items must be carried one at a time.
  6. You get Extra Credit for:
    1. Including apples & zucchini, the bigger the better!
    2. Relay more than 5 items/5 lbs of food/goods. Remember, each person will be running their leg of the relay 5 times, so be reasonable given weather and their age/running capacity!
    3. Fun: dress up! Extra credit if the word “Amorak” appears prominently on your costume!
    4. Record your relay or take pictures and send them to us to add to our social media.
    5. Tell us how far you ran, how long it took to relay the food, what food you relayed, and especially how many zucchinis were involved! Tell us who you donated the food to.
    6. Invite your friends to form their own teams and join you to supply your food pantry. Different teams should plan to either run different routes or at a different time so that there is no chance of contact leading to COVID infection. If you do have multiple teams, be sure to weigh the total amount of food donated!
    7. Pick your prize for participating, all entries win!: An Amorak T-shirt or Amorak Water Bottle, an Amorak pin or just Zucchini recipes emailed to you! Let us know your choice?

Register for the Apples to Zucchini Relay for Amorak